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26th August 2011

"The Outsiders" Official Trailer released! Check it out at


26th August 2011

"The Outsiders" just won an Award of Merit at The Indie Fest in California. That's the third continent we've made it to in the last 2 weeks!


25th August 2011

"The Outsiders"
has been accepted into the 24th Singapore International Film Festival, under the Singapore Panorama Section! It will be one of the closing films of the festival, screening on 25th September 2011 at 7:30pm at Sinema Old School. Tickets will be available through soon.


14th August 2011

"The Outsiders" was featured at the Venice New Asian Film Exhibition '11.


7th May 2011

"The Outsiders"
On every street in every city, there is an outsider looking in.

The new Feature Film from Bad Alliteration is in the final stages of Post Production. For more details about the film, cast & crew and stills, visit -

Written, Directed, Edited and Produced by Madhav Mathur
Original Soundtrack by Siddesh Mukundan

Featuring - Navneet Jagannathan, Kurien Kalarickal, Stanislava Kostetskaia, Lishi Lee, Vineet Kumar and Siddesh Mukundan.


13th February 2010

Check out our Music Director, Siddesh Mukundan's brand new album

"Dream City" by Sidd & His Self-Esteem

Visit to preview and buy the album(US$5.00 only)


20th October 2009

Watch out for our Writer & Director, Madhav Mathur's, new book

"The Diary of an Unreasonable Man"

In bookstores from 15th November 2009.
Here is the link to the book on the Penguin website.


16th Aug 2009

"The Insomniac" opens to full houses in Singapore!
Check out audience reviews at this link.


14th Aug 2009

RAZOR TV, Singapore Interview by Felicia Low

Click here for Interview with three of the lead actors

Click here for Interview with the Director about Indie film-making in Singapore.


12th Aug 2009

Straits Times, Singapore - Life Section

Double bill debuts by John Lui

Writer-director-actor Madhav Mathur's The Insomniac, which premieres on Thursday, is an experimental film about a workaholic writer, Ali, struggling to finish a book...

Read More (updated link with full story)


6th August 2009

Bad Alliteration Films proudly announces the release of its first feature film - The Insomniac.

Witty dialogue, groovy music and experimental visual effects come together in this completely original and independent production, to create an experience not to be missed.

" The Insomniac" will premiere at Sinema Old School on 13th August 2009. The film will be screened throughout August at -

Sinema Old School
11B Mount Sophia Road, Singapore

The Arts House
1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore